• During the 1990’s, Canterbury (New Zealand) based Peter Caughey Racing began offering its technical expertise and project engineering skills to other teams. The first boat was for Jeremy O’Driscoll who would go on to promote Jetsprinting via the WSJ World Series.
  • Early 1990’s – David McCallum joined PCR, quickly utilising his jetboat experience and renowned aviation engineering skills to help Peter incorporate and develop new design ideas for Jetsprint boats.
  • Since 1989, PCR & Sprintec clients have won more than 150 events, including 7x NZ, 4 Australian, 2 USA & 7x World Championships.
  • 2001 saw the development of the Sprintec carbon fibre racing seat, having produced 7 variants before confirming the final production design in 2002.
  • By 2002 it was clear that a new approach to overall boat design was required to enable greater performance within the power restricted Group A class, while in the SuperBoat class the motor and jet development had already exceeded the current boat designs.
  • The Sprintec seat would enable greater support and safety, while assisting the crew to be repositioned within the boat's chrome-moly safety cell. A key advantage of the Sprintec seat was to allow the crew to be positioned in a much lower seating layout which enabled a lower rollcage and overall lower centre of gravity. The result was a boat capable of greater cornering speeds with increased boat stability.
  • The first Sprintec branded boat was launched 2002 in SuperBoat class. This boat would win 2 NZ & 2 Australian titles via PCR and Phil Dixon's True Blue Racing.