Performance Advantage

Sprintec’s performance advantage offers:
  • Faster straight-line speed due to improved boat planing trajectory
  • Sharper cornering response, from one turn to another
  • Greater high speed stability and cornering speed
  • Predictable turn-in
  • Increased hull rigidity ensuring a safer, straighter, faster, consistent performing boat
  • Better quality water presented to the jet unit, resulting in more acceleration and higher cornering speeds
  • Proven keel/fin combinations for extra stability on different water conditions
  • Easily & quickly ‘fine tuned’ between runs on race day
  • Access to Peter Caughey Racing's hull developments during race season
  • Super-low centre of gravity with new seats and seating position for faster cornering and added crew comfort
  • Chrome-moly safety cell with crew enclosed in a complete cell attached to rollbar/seat frame
  • Custom jet unit options to optimise the performance from your motor
  • Strong resale value
  • Race proven performance